Ben Malol is a marketing entrepreneur responsible for running succesful social media ads that generate millions a year for himself and for his clients. He started off running eCommerce stores, and later on became the CMO of his stores, eventually selling them and pursuing his marketing brand full time.   He now runs one of the largest Facebook advertising support group in the world “The Facebook Ads Group”, has 1,000’s of students in his many programs, runs an agency for 6,7 and 8 figure clients, and is the CEO and founder of “Social Marketing Masterclass” the most high level Facebook advertising program in the market. TALK TO BEN


Ben is known to take rooms full of entrepreneurs into taking immediate, result driven actions. Thats because he is one of the few speakers who not only provides massive value, with highly actionable implementable content, but ALSO inspires and motivates to the highest degree.   Ben’s presentations, and trainings are thought provoking, full of energy and unconventional. Ben always leaves the audience inspired, excited, but most importantly, “sore hands” due to taking so many notes. BOOK BEN TO SPEAK AT YOUR EVENT